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We Have Moved Locations! 

Our temporary office is right across the street from our old office, at 2201 W.S. Young Suite 114B at the WS Young Plaza. You can see it from the back of the old office. It is right next door to the "Leasing Office" sign.

We are awaiting May 15th, when our new and improved offices are ready just off of the Expressway at Indian Trail.

If you're interested in one of our properties for rent, and would like to apply...just click on this gorgeous and extraordinary tiny logo below this sentence. Oh, yeah.


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Office Hours

Monday-Friday  9:00-5:30 and Otherwise by Appointment



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Are You Considering Renting Your Home or Switching Management Companies? Read on...

For Our Property Management Clients, we will care for your property like it was our own. Take a while to read and digest these nuggets of pure gold!

* We Actually Look After Your Home. One of the things that plague the mind of property owners is, "How is my home being treated?" We actually know. As a standard practice, we will do a mid-lease walk-through on your property. We also do frequent drive-bys on every single one of our properties, to be your eyes and ears on your investment. Isn't that one of the main reasons you're hiring a manager?

* Repairs Cost Less Through Us. We don't have on-site repair people like many competitors. We feel this is a conflict of interest--those companies need to keep those folks busy, and they will try to make as much money as they can from doing the repairs. You, of course, are trying to save what you can. We use reputable third party vendors, who discount their services due to the amount of business we are able to send them and we pass those savings on to you rather than lining our pockets. We also do a "blind" bidding process, where we ask several vendors to quote us for repair work--this alone has save our Owners many, many thousands of dollars! Also, any repairs done will be accompanied by a receipt of the repair and contact information directly to the vendor. This way, you can direct any questions about repairs to the folks that actually did the repairs. Honestly, we've seen other companies take advantage of owners through overpriced repairs--and that is something that we just won't tolerate.

No Cost When Your Property Is Not Rented. If we have not rented your property, we're not doing our job and we don't get paid. Our management fee is only charged when your property is rented at a rate acceptable to you. Many other companies will ask to be paid even while your property sits empty.

* Iron-Clad "Love Us or Leave Us" Policy. Again, any time you are not happy with our services, or your circumstances change, you can cancel our agreement and not owe us anything. Other companies may say this, but will (legally) take all of their management fees for the remainder of the renter's term in your property out of the last check they send to you. With us, there are no strings or fine print. If you're unhappy, then you can get out of our agreement.

Of course, there are many other reasons to pick us--we just want a chance to talk to you about what we can do to serve you better! Pick up the phone and call us at (254) 501-4599 or send an e-mail with your contact information to!


Tenants--or as We Call You--Guests.

* You are important to us. We've heard horror stories about other companies literally throwing keys at tenants when they want to see a new property, or important repairs taking months upon months to get done. 

Well, we don't do that. Yes, we represent the Owners of these fine properties and we need to look out for their best interest--but to us their best interest includes taking great care of you, our Guest.

* You'll find our properties clean, ready and fairly priced. Your home will always be a good value for what you are paying.

* You'll find us convenient. You'll always get a human voice when you call us at (254) 501-4599. We're available for emergencies (just please make sure it's an emergency if you wake us up at 3am on Sunday, okay?), and you can now pay your rent and submit work orders online!

* Lastly, You'll find us fun. We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves. We make sure that the folks working with us are good people, with hearts of gold and a fun personality. Yes, we have bad days--and if you yell at us for whatever reason, we still won't like it--but we really try to make sure your experience with us is fun and occasionally...memorable. on our "Available Rentals" and peruse what we have to offer you. You want to work with us, right? ;0)


Call us at (254) 501-4599 and we'll give you a fast, free and friendly idea of what your property would rent for on today's market!


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